Thanksgiving Celebrations at Concept Infoway

Thanksgiving is a day, on which the entire humanity transforms into a kind-hearted one, showing their gratitude towards their friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, clients and to everyone whom they want to say “Thank You”. It is a time of festivity, family meals and reunions. As the “Thanksgiving Day” was around the corner, and as we, Conceptians strongly believing in “work hard and party harder” culture, are genetically fun-loving creatures. This lead to an awesome Thanksgiving party hosted by all the senior Conceptians (we love to call ourselves Conceptians) for the junior Conceptians. The motto, to “Thank” all the junior staff for their continual support, which has always helped to achieve new heights.


The Celebration Was Kicked Off with Delicious Breakfast– No army can win a war with an empty stomach, and same is the case with us, Conceptians. Owing to the fact that conceptians are food lovers and can’t move a step ahead, seniors arranged delicious (complete) morning breakfast, along with Tea & Coffee to start the day. Not to mention, the breakfast was great, and trust me, all the hard work by seniors in preparing the breakfast was felt in every bite.

Thanksgiving Celebrations at Concept Infoway

Games, We Conceptians Enjoyed Together– After enjoying finger-licking, delicious breakfast, not only prepared but also served by the seniors, it was the time to get high on adrenaline. For the sake of entertainment, plot for plenty of interesting games was pre-arranged. Conceptians were divided into four separate teams to conquest each other and to win hearts with their bold efforts. We ran, we laughed, we fell down, we crawled, and we still stood-up with the same spirit. This sheer joy of Thanksgiving, with the treat and games, brought the team closer to each other, thereby further strengthening the teamwork.

Thanksgiving Celebrations at Concept Infoway

Lunch Break for Hungry Conceptians– As stated above, we conceptians are food lovers; hence, we cannot stay away from food for a longer period. After relishing our childhood while playing games, we were hungry, which was but obvious, and the aroma of delicious food added fuel to fire. Many of hungry conceptians (just kidding) were hovering over and around the kitchen, disclosing the menus to rest of us.
In no time, the tables were decorated with delicious Indian Cuisines. One most important thing, the food was cooked by the team of seniors.

Thanksgiving Celebrations at Concept Infoway

Time to Say “Good Bye” – Thank You Seniors for a Great Day– Do I have to mention that food was awesomely delicious. Of course, the food cooked by the team was irresistibly delicious. After the lunch, it was the time for friendly conversations, comments, and recalling the old memories. Eventually, it was the time to call it a day. We gathered, cherished, and roared in favor, marking the joy of impeccable team spirit.

Finally, it was a Thanksgiving moment, yet not only for the Seniors towards the Juniors, but for the overall team, Conceptians.

Good Bye!!!


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