App Store Optimization – Tips to Help Your App Rank Higher in App Stores

January 20, 2022

If you have heard about App Store Optimization, then you will agree to the point that ASO is somewhat similar to a congested city crossroad with seemingly endless vehicles striving to race ahead of each other. In simple words, App Store Optimization is to an app developer what Search Engine Optimization is to internet marketers and web content writer. In ASO, we try to improve the visibility and ranking of an application in different app stores. But, how does this work? If you wish to sail the turbulent water of App Store Optimization, then follow these 6 extraordinary optimization tips by experts.

Understand the Users App Discovery Pattern

According to the Forrester report, approximately 63% of users search for an app before downloading. This means that users seriously take time to find out good and useful apps. Hence, the chance of good apps getting found is quite high. Additionally, approximately 58% downloads are recommended apps from friends and family; therefore, when you promote your app in the app store, keep your audience in mind and their app finding and downloading pattern.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Keywords & Icon

Same as SEO, don’t forget to optimize the keywords. For this, you can use keyword tools to optimize title and description keywords. If your app works in the combination of another app, then you can use the name of that app in the title and description fields. Another most important factor is App Icon. Try to keep the app icon clean and captivating, as it is one of the contributing factors to app discovery.

High Quality & Useful Screenshots

Submit high-quality & sharp screenshots of your app, because it is your very first chance to impress your potential customer. Screenshots with potential app information will help your targeted customers in multiple ways. You can submit 8 screenshots in play store and with iOS, it’s 5; hence, make a wise use of every screenshot you submit.

4. Use Ethical and White Hat Optimization Tactics

If you desire for long term reward, then better follow white hat and ethical App Store Optimization tactics. Alike search engines, the app stores are also enough; hence, don’t try to fool them. You can create sustainable growth that has a meaningful impact on your business.

Ask Real People to Describe Your App

People use natural language to search apps in search engines or app store search; hence, you should know how your people describe your app in their own terms / words. This will certainly help you recognize valuable keywords that others may miss. There are more app store optimization tips that fall under my ‘people first’ approach to app marketing.

Update Your App Frequently

Updating your app is one of the most productive app optimization techniques. Gift new versions of your app to customers with complete bug fixes, improvements in existing functionalities and new features to offer the best possible experience. However, users won’t know about these changes unless you tell them.

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