CIPL – Annual Trip – Beauties & Brains on an Adventure Trip to Achalgarh

Unlike every year, this year was no different for Concept Infoway – how come? Just like the past 17 years, Concept Infoway had an annual 3 days company trip, again. Yet, this time around, unlike the leisure and relaxing trip, it was an awesome adventure trip to Achalgarh.

Ranging from Rock Climbing to Zip Lining, Caving to Night Trekking, and even Star Gazing, of course not to forget the party nights, drinks, the awesome food, and the always enthusiastic staff – Conceptians, the beauties and brains of the Concept Infoway.

The journey started with cheering out crowd in a bus and a few cars along with.

Adventure Trip to AchalgarhWith a few tea breaks in between, the team reached at Humming Bird Resorts at Achalgarh.

Adventure Trip to AchalgarhA few pegs of booz to keep the party on the move.

Adventure Trip to AchalgarhNothing’s better to warm up then starting with a Rock Climbing at 6’ in the morning

Adventure Trip to AchalgarhAnd not to forget the night’s jungle trek, caving and star gazing.

Adventure Trip to Achalgarh

Adventure Trip to AchalgarhAnd at last, it was a time to say goodbye.

Adventure Trip to Achalgarh

We miss you Achalgarh.


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