It’s been over 60 years, since Formula 1 first season inaugurated in 1950. Now, F1 is considered as the pioneer in racing industry, and has earned the spot as the world’s favorite racing franchise. Inevitable to say that there are millions of F1 fans across the world who would always love to stay connected with the racing action, each and every month.


Besides, these fans also love’s to be constantly updated on all the latest happenings of Formula 1. Such fans are always eager to know about the next race schedules, to know about their favorite drivers and teams, current rankings, points of the team and drivers, latest F1 news and almost every events going in the world of Formula 1. However, in the midst of the daily schedule it becomes difficult for an individual to stay updated with his / her favorite racing franchise.


F1 World, a sport app available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone and Android devices is the solution for all. It allows the users to get connected and stay updated with all the latest events and happenings in Formula 1.


F1 World is designed and developed by Concept Infoway Pvt. Ltd. (A software development, web design and development, and mobile app development company based in India). F1 World was first released in early, March 2011 for Windows Phone devices, and later it was released for all iOS and Android devices. F1 World allows the users to be in touch with their favorite racing franchise with instant updates on all the latest events and happenings in Formula 1.


F1 World is designed to be an easy to use app that allows the users to get almost all the information related to the industry, instantly. It is integrated with an array of features such as RSS feeds, News with pictures related to races, drivers, teams, cars, racetracks etc., built-in browser support, graphical racetrack presentation, and much more, F1 World provides abundant information enough to keep any F1 fan to be in touch and updated with Formula 1.


List of Primary Features

  • News related to your favorite F1 drivers, teams, race tracks, race schedules etc.
  • Latest News of Formula 1
  • Graphical presentation of racetrack
  • Facility to mark / unmark the RSS feed, which allows the user to read the News content from his choice of websites.
  • Integrated preview window for every specific news along with the pictures.
  • Easy scrolling between the News.
  • Allows the users to read each news in the F1 World integrated browser.
  • User doesn’t need to open a separate window / browser to read the complete story.
  • Easy navigation allowing the user to read the next News story, without pressing the back key.
  • Option to choose from timely updates, automatic updates and / or scheduled updates for News.
  • Push Notification features that allow the user to get update with race results without syncing. The feature is designed to keep the user updated 24 /7.
  • Live Broadcaster feature will display data for different country and your current location.

Most importantly, the app is available for free and features no ads. Download it today for your smartphone devices.

Please visit: to know more about F1 World.

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