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Being a Microsoft Certified software development company with over 11 years of industry experience, at Concept Infoway we have the knowledge-curve on all; Microsoft, Open Source and Mobile technologies. And combining this knowledge curve with our team of over 100 pool of professionals have allowed us to successfully execute numerous solutions in software, web and mobile app development. In fact, we’ve delivered thriving solutions for all major mobile platforms including Android, iPhone / iPad and Windows Phone .


F1 World, a sports app developed for Windows Phone already describes our core competency in Windows Phone development, however with F1 World Pro; we have taken the app far beyond its expectations by integrating more features, more functionality, overall enhancing the complete user experience.



With increasing demand of customized app solution for Windows Phone development, we’ve encompassed our client’s every requirements in WP development. And as F1 Fan, we’ve developed the sports app “F1 World” for Windows Phone platform that allows the user to be updated on all the latest happenings in the world of Formula 1.

But with F1 World Pro, we’ve taken the app far beyond its expectations. We’ve maneuvered our way to make the app more user friendly, along with better user experience, functionalities and features.

About F1 World Pro

Based on its predecessor F1 World, F1 World Pro is a sports app designed for Windows Phone . It provides the user with the instant News updates regarding all the latest happening in Formula One. These updates includes News related to your favorite F1 teams, drivers, circuits etc. and all can be viewed from F1 World Pro. F1 World Pro is incorporated with built-in browser, graphical map presentation, RSS News feeds related to F1 industry, which can be automatically updated and sync. Besides all these, there are various other features integrated in F1 World Pro. User can browse and view any News of his/ her choice of any date and can also view the photo gallery of his/ her favorite cars, drivers, teams and circuit in our future update.

Primary Features

  • Latest News of Formula 1.
  • News related to your favorite F1 drivers, teams, race tracks, race schedules etc.
  • Racetrack along with graphical presentation.
  • Mark/ Unmark the RSS feed from where you would like to read the News.
  • Preview window for each News along with the picture.
  • Scroll to jump to next News.
  • Facility to read each News in F1 World Pro with integrated browser support. Means no need to open a separate browser to read the complete story.
  • Just scroll to directly jump to the next News story, without pressing the back key.
  • Option to choose from automatic updates, timely updates or scheduled updates for News.

New Features of F1 World Pro

F1 World Pro is an updated app, incorporated with set of new features which enhances its functionalities, along with better user experience.

  • Push Notification – Now get updates of race results with “F1 World Pro” without syncing, with the help of push notification feature. Push notification feature is designed to keep you updated 24/ 7 with the world of formula 1.
  • Live Broadcaster feature will display data for different country and your current location.
  • Speedy navigation.

Choice of News Feeds from

  • Espnf1.com
  • Crash.net
  • BBC f1
  • Formula1.com

Overall “F1 World Pro” is designed with updated new features which enhance its user experience, along with better and faster navigation and much more. You can download F1 World and F1 World Pro for free, for your Windows Phone from Windows Market Place. zune://navigate/?appID=6165ce43-e5a7-e011-986b-78e7d1fa76f8

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